Best Before Last Year is a hard-rock/ metal band based in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Their music carries influences from Punk, Skater, Shuffle and Pop-rock. Their current album consists of music that includes all of these influences. Finding a way to combine all of the influences is their main goal.
Bart Aansorgh, Male, 18 March 1992 - Lead guitarist, back-up vocals, member since 2012
Bernd Luijten, Male, 25 April 1993 - Bassist, member since 2012
Duco Buma, Male, 27 June 1994 - Drummer, member since 2011
Wido Beukhof, Male, 2 May 1994 - Vocalist, member since 2011
If you want to contact us, feel free to send us a message! You can find us on Facebook, Soundcloud or send us an email at