Best Before Last Year was started back in 2011, after a collaboration at a benefit concert between Duco Buma (Drums) and Wido Beukhof (Vocals). The benefit concert was organized to raise money for a humanitary trip to Kenya which took place in 2012. Duco and Wido played together during the concert and decided to continue working together afterwards, soon to be hooking up with Bart Aansorgh (Guitar) and Bernd Luijten (Bass).

The band started out without a name up until about 2012, when they decided to call themselves Slaughter.Our.Sorrows. The band wrote music focussed on looking back on the past, making sure people forgive the things that had been done wrong. After about a year, however, the band realised that the name no longer fitted their style of music, lyrics and sound. Instead of focussing on the past, they'd much rather look up, look forward to the future. After a long time of contemplation and discussion, Best Before Last Year was born.

During a long and tiring brainstorm session about the band name, their attention was drawn to a bottle of water, which expiration date read: "Best before 2011", which was last year. This is why the first itteration of the band's logo was a bottle of water. Best Before Last Year.