Sunday 06 November, 2016 14:03PM
After years of forgetting to send the files, forgetting to download the files, forgetting to upload the files, the wait is finally over. You Liar, the 4th song on our very own EP, is finally online! You can listen to it here!

Tuesday 05 July, 2016 14:32PM
So, it's been quiet for a very long time. Seven months. God, time flies. During this time we've been working on new material, trying to fix some gigs and studying. Our studies are important, too. Sunday the 3rd of July we all went to Eindhoven to see Silverstein. They were amazing. We even got the chance to meet the guys and have a chat with them, really chill guys. Basically, life is still going on as usual and we're still working on new material for our first EP. Keep rocking.

Thursday 31 January, 2015 22:21PM
Well, well, well.. it's the end of the year already. Heavy new year, everybody! Keep all your fingers intact and prepare yourself for another year filled with hard-rock and metal!
Happy new year, take care!

Friday 26 December, 2015 22:22PM
So that time of the year is here again. That certain time of year, where suddenly all people care about is friends and family. Well, supposedly. We still care about music! We're currently still working on two new demos; You Liar and Poisned.
So anyway, you know the drill; merry rockin' Christmas!

Saturday 3 October, 2015 7:39AM
So, finally we got our hands on the mixed demo of Left alone. Which means Best before last year now has three proper demos! We're super stoked and proud of the quality of these last two demos. They turned out better than we expected and we're so glad to finally have some music to share to the curious people. You can listen to all of our demos on our Soundcloud by clicking HERE. New releases will also be posted on our Soundcloud so feel free to follow us!

Tuesday 8 September, 2015 19:45PM
Well, yesterday we were able to record the bass and vocals for two of our tracks; "Just stop running" and "Left alone". Just stop running is one of our metal-influenced tracks, with quite a lot of harsh vocals, and Left alone is one of our all-clean tracks. They're currently in the process of being mixed so they can be released somewhere this month! Stay tuned!

Saturday 20 June, 2015 10:45AM
Good luck and have fun to Bart and Duco, who are currently headbanging their asses off at the Graspop Metal Meeting in Dessel, Belgium. I'd love to say that I'm not jealous but here I am, working on projects for the academy, while they're off rocking it to Five Finger Death Punch, A day to remember, Asking alexandria, Danko jones, Evergrey, Hollywood undead, Motionless in white, Papa roach, Within temptation.. do I sound jealous yet?

Tuesday 11 June, 2015 19:05PM
Our merchandise website is online, you can view it here! All art was designed by Wido Beukhof (Vocalist of Best Before Last Year) and approved by nobody. Feel free to check it out and perhaps buy something to spread the love!

Thursday 11 June, 2015 11:24AM
So more good news from our side. Our new (Official) Facebook page is up and running, after the old one became "Forever lost in time and space". Click here to go to our Facebook page and feel free to give us a like if you haven't already!
In other news, we have recorded our very first demo. After some issues with recording the drums we finally managed to get a decent sounding recording which you can listen to here!

Tuesday 9 June, 2015 16:30PM
So, some great news from (Part) of our band! New recording sessions are currently being held for the drums. Bart and Duco are working hard to get everything sounding well for our first actual Demo! The previous recording had low sound quality, so with a new mic setup it's off to a second try!

Monday 1 June, 2015 8:06AM
After a short chat we have decided upon what we'd like to add to the website before calling it finished in terms of content. Of course, we'd love to add our music on the website. Sadly, we haven't been able to record properly so far. We have enough original songs to create our first album, but no manner of recording it just yet! We're working on it, however! As soon as we get a decent recording, we'll post it right away!
We'd also like to add pictures of our band on the website. When and where those will be posted we aren't sure yet, but they'll be coming so stay tuned!

Sunday 31 May, 2015 23:48PM
The lyrics of our 18 original songs will soon become available on our website as well! As soon as we get everything up and running, we'll make a page to display our lyrics on! Stay tuned!

Sunday 31 May, 2015 23:12PM
Our website is officially in the air! Welcome to our new website, and welcome to the world of Best Before Last Year! We hope you'll enjoy your stay and if there's any issues, feel free to contact us at!